Andy Dexter, CEO – Serial entrepreneur, ideas person, and senior advisor in the world of marketing, insight and strategy. 20 years’ experience, founder of multiple award winning agencies, and a well known innovator in the research and insight sector. Andy is a fellow of the MRS and of the RSA, and is also founder of the Culturise Collaboration.


Stephen Cribbett, CTO – Entrepreneur, technologist, and founder of Dub, a tech firm specialising in online communities. A brand strategy, human insight and marketing consultant with over 20 years’ experience advising brands.

Andrew Jeavons, Director of Analytics –
 Software developer and specialist in hard sums, advanced text analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many years leadership of insight tech companies globally. Well known and award-winning speaker, thinker and blogger.

Tim Spencer, Creative Director – Cultural strategist, solving complex problems for brands since the 90’s, using semiotics and other tools to anchor brands in human reality. Developing the cultural and structural analysis methodologies behind Signoi.