Introductory Webinar

NewMR recently hosted a couple of Signoi webinars. Our team spoke about quantitative semiotics, machine learning, and much else besides. If this sounds interesting, you can watch and listen here: Signoi Webinar

Meet the team

Marketing insights and strategy entrepreneurAndy Dexter, CEO – Serial entrepreneur, ideas person, and senior advisor in the world of marketing, insight and strategy. 20 years’ experience, founder of multiple award winning agencies, and a well known innovator in the research and insight sector. Andy is a fellow of the MRS and of the RSA, and is also founder of the Culturise Collaboration.

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Louise Beaumont, Chair Louise brings more than 20 years’ entrepreneurial, advisory and blue-chip experience. She focuses on building and enabling disruptive tech companies. She also holds a number of positions in the Open Banking and Payments space, acting as a change agent for the financial services industry. She has a PhD in Semiotics and Corporate Identity.

Research software developerAndrew Jeavons, Director of Analytics –
 Software developer and specialist in hard sums, advanced text analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many years leadership of insight tech companies globally. Well known and award-winning speaker, thinker and blogger.

Martina Olbertova, Strategy Consultant – Brand meaning and cultural foresight strategist with a holistic 360° view of the industry and 12 years of experience. Developing new frameworks for measuring meaning to help clients maximise value creation and navigate sense amidst global cultural complexity. Martina is also founder of Meaning.Global.

Brand strategy professionalStephen Cribbett, Advisor Entrepreneur, technologist, and founder of Further, a research firm specialising in agile methods. A brand strategy, human insight and marketing consultant with over 20 years’ experience advising brands.