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AI-powered analytics for organisations in every sector who want to be able to easily spot trends, track competitors, understand customers and employees, spark innovation, and surface the themes in public narratives that are shaping their brand perception and experience.

Signoi works with insight, strategy, research, marketing, brand, communications, customer experience and innovation teams to surface patterns of meaning in unstructured data that drive better decision making.

Make Better Decisions

From understanding the world around you and spotting trends, to answering specific questions around your customers, your brand, your category, your customers, and your employees.

Visualise Your Insights

Tell the real story behind your datapoints.

Low Cost, High Speed

Access human insight at machine cost and pace.

Use Cases

Case Studies

Transport Focus

Transport Focus is a watchdog for transport passengers in the UK, which monitors and provides advice on how to improve the services run by train operators. Transport Focus want to be able to surface the big themes in the passenger feedback and be able to drill down into the micro detail.

Signoi analysed c.50,000 text-based comments from their bi-annual customer survey. Firstly, we ran an accelerated reading of the main themes and then we dived down into the detail with thematic, topic cluster, rich sentiment, and emotional content analyses.

We provided proof that the Transport Focus survey is asking the right questions, by highlighting detail around key themes which were already of concern. We also uncovered new topics to explore in greater detail.

All this enables Transport Focus to give greater transparency to the Train Operating Companies - which otherwise struggle to make sense of the detail and overwhelming volume of customer comments.

A major UK energy provider

A major UK energy provider wanted to interrogate their brand proposition to better understand the relationship between their proposition and customers’ latent needs - and how best to express their proposition in new and resonant ways.

We analysed 500,000 data items in total, including social media and news data, and over 300,000 comments from their customer journey NPS survey.

Signoi ran an accelerated reading of the main themes and then we dived down into the detail with thematic, topic cluster, rich sentiment, emotional content, archetype and universal energies analyses.

We delivered an insight report drawing together learnings from all the data sources, and dashboards so that the customer could drill down into detail at their leisure. We also ran a series of activation workshops which allowed the client to link insights to tangible actions required to connect their brand with their audience.

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