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Signoi empowers agencies to go beyond conventional research and analysis to understand what people really think about all aspects of a client’s brand by automatically surfacing rich insights from images, news articles, reviews, websites, research material, social media - in fact any and all unstructured data - whether text or images, at pace and at whatever scale is required.

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Differentiate your agency in every project and in every pitch.

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Deliver insight-fuelled strategies and confident creative.

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Access human insight at machine cost and pace.

Use Cases

Case Studies

MESH Experience

MESH Experience operates a proprietary methodology to record and track the impact of the way people experience brands across all touchpoints. This real-time experience tracking approach involves collecting not only structured data but also comments from participants, uploaded images and a wealth of other material.

MESH’s clients represent a wide range of sectors in the US and the UK, including FMCG, financial services, travel, telecoms, and more. MESH uses Signoi’s service to ensure that they deliver ever more insight to their clients.

Each project comprises analysis of c.10,000 text and data items, upon which Signoi runs an accelerated reading of the main themes, and then we dive down into the detail with thematic, topic cluster, sentiment analysis, emotional content, archetype and universal energies analyses.

We deliver reports and dashboards - including bespoke analysis - to understand the interrelationships between different brands’ experiences and paid, owned and earned touchpoints.

Our insight allows MESH’s clients to see how they are implicitly perceived by consumers and, for example, how what the brand is transmitting compares to what is being received and played back.

The Lab

The Lab is a highly innovative agency in Australia which, as part of a self-funded endeavour called ‘The Australia Project’, examined the cultural themes and trends in modern Australia around how the concept of courage has evolved.

This project required us to analyse 20,000 Instagram posts – both text and images – and c.200,000 news items which referenced the concept of courage or bravery.

Signoi ran an accelerated reading of the main themes and then we dived down into the detail with thematic, topic cluster, rich sentiment, emotional content, archetype and universal energies analyses.

We delivered an insight report drawing together learnings from all the data sources, and dashboards so that The Lab could drill down into detail at their leisure. We also delivered bespoke analysis to surface new archetypes of courage as they play out on social media and the news.

The Lab continues to invest in its own innovative content and leverage the Signoi platform to attract, win and retain a significant stream of impressive clients.

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