Breakthrough Workshops

Last year Signoi introduced our Semiotics Breakthrough training workshop, offered to companies whose teams would benefit from greater knowledge of how to commission, manage and even conduct their cultural insight and semiotics in-house. Our Breakthrough workshop provides a day of enjoyable and interactive training to switch on your untapped semiotic decoding capabilities and work more … Continue reading Breakthrough Workshops


Barely understood by those who should know better; poorly grasped by too many marketers; and a thoroughgoing generator of blank looks and actual visceral fear amongst CEOs – the concept of liminality really ought to be getting a better press. It is fundamental to understanding semiotics. As above, so below, and so on... Definition: the … Continue reading Liminality

Let’s talk about NPS

Signoi’s been starting to get out and about over the last few weeks. OK, we haven’t strictly launched, but we’re running development work already with agency and end client test partners. Some of the first use cases have landed around NPS and C-Sat. This might be the simplest possible deployment of the product – but … Continue reading Let’s talk about NPS

Where it all started

Ten years ago, I (Andy) wrote a white paper called The Charm of Magpies, and presented it at the UK’s MRS Conference. It was about how ideas propagate and innovation spreads (or doesn’t!) in the insight industry – based on actual evidence! It contained a number of predictions, all of which have proved correct. One … Continue reading Where it all started