We know every project is different.

Different data, different objectives, different outcomes.

Maybe we're analysing 500,000 NPS comments and seeking to get insight about what elements of the experience drive satisfaction. Perhaps it's 100,000 brand Instagram posts to decode a category at scale. Maybe it's TikToks or adverts. Or perhaps it's finding new AI driven ways to bring a segmentation to life...

With this in mind, we've developed a range of user friendly standardised outputs to ease the path through the complications of big messy datasets.

LATEST! Artificial people for concept testing

CREO: Synthetic Data

A new development! CREO, meaning create, builds on our experiments with segmented personas derived from clients' research data. The was: could these personas be used as an extrapolator or “expert witness” to generate synthetic consumer-like data, and how accurate would this be?

Evidence so far is that this AI-driven "personalysis" can predict consumer ratings (e.g. appeal of certain concepts) to a high degree of accuracy.

We think this is a highly significant development for the MR world and could streamline a whole range of basic projects.

Large scale text analysis

TADA! Text Analysis Dashboard

Our simplest dashboard allows companies to quickly cut through the noise of large scale text data, revealing the themes and meaning.

This is particularly useful when analysing unstructured data by categories such as brand, ratings data and so on.

TADA is used by leading brands and agencies on three continents to surface previously inaccessible insight from data such as NPS, social media, reviews, medical abstracts and much more.

Looking to surface magical insights? TADA!

Cluster, decode, explain...

MR TOAD: Topic Analysis Decoder

We're known for enabling analysts to identify and understand key narratives, emotions, archetypes, and more in large data sets.

Powered by large language model AI, Mr Toad clusters and distils these intricate narratives into concise, actionable reports around shared themes, and then visualises and explains them.

Swimming through vast pools of data, Mr Toad makes sense of complicated scenarios with an amphibious cunning, an uncanny facility and distinctive charm.

Decoding imagery at scale

VIDA: Visual Insight Dashboard

Get the picture? VIDA, meaning "life" can analyse and understand the meaning of imagery using our quantitative semiotics algorithms.

It extracts clusters of semiotic themes, emotions, archetypes, visual energies showing the hidden signals of what imagery is transmitting to the viewer.

It can decode social media like Instagram, websites, adverts and more. It can even analyse packaging and logos.

Great for brand positioning and category insight.

Analyse and understand video content

VISZLA: Video Analytyics

We now have the ability to analyse videos - with dashboards coming soon!

VISZLA can decode and analyse the narrative flow of individual videos, and extract the visual DNA of whole videos for comparison and clustering.

We've deployed it on long form ads and short form TikToks alike. From this - often allied to quant metrics like appeal or engagement - we can understand what visual codes land or don't.

This is a recent development, and you can read more about it in our blog.

Create personas for inspiration

PERSONALYSIS: Bring Segments to Life

We’ve recently been starting to deploy personas derived from survey data using a variety of the latest AI models.

Personas are a very popular explanatory aid to bring qualitative and quantitative research data to life, and provide inspiration for innovation, customer experience, and product design. But they are time consuming to generate and require a lot of human thinking.

PERSONALYSIS creates rich, meaningful, segmented personas from primary data using Large Language Model AI, which takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of it.

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