Our Service

The Signoi service utilises our proprietary analytics software. This uses machine learning based on semiotic, ethnographic and psychological principles to automatically identify implicit and explicit meaning in images and text. Fed the right data, it surfaces genuine revelations.

Our software began development in 2018, and is currently being deployed exclusively by Signoi. We are targeting a release for in house installation and self-service from Q1 2023.


What types of data can Signoi analyse?

Signoi allows companies to cut through the noise of any and all unstructured data - whether public or proprietary, text or image - revealing the meaning within.

Our software can, of course, analyse structured data in concert with unstructured data.

Our Approach

Surface Previously Inaccessible Insight

Our software is used via our managed service by leading brands and agencies on three continents to surface previously inaccessible insight for every use case you can think of from Brand Perception & Tracking to Communications Development and Evaluation; from Trend Spotting to Category and Competitor Analysis; from Customer Experience to Employee Feedback and Engagement.

Dashboards & Reports

Intuitive, compelling, simple

Our unique, rigorous, and consistent software delivers fast and intuitive decoding of any unstructured data, from any accessible source - converting unstructured, qualitative information into measurable, valuable insight.

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