Personas are a popular explanatory aid to bring qualitative and quantitative research data to life, especially when it comes to market segmentation. But they are time consuming to generate and require a lot of human thinking. So we use AI to model them. Check out the demo!

We’ve constructed a variety of Gen Z-relevant Personas based on various data. So you can have a conversation (a) with Gen Z as a whole (b) with one of six distinct Gen Z segments or even (c) a specific character! Get them to tell you about themselves, ask them what they like to do, what they are passionate about, ask them their opinion on anything at all…! You can even get the model to generate new product ideas. The possibilities are endless! *

* Remember, it’s in Beta so may do some weird things…


This segment consists primarily of older Gen Z living in major metropolitan areas. They are early adopters of new technology and rely heavily on mobile devices and apps. Focused on career advancement, they are willing to pay more for quality and convenience. Brand conscious but value individuality and self-expression.
Cameron, 27 – A mobile app developer living in a fashionable neighborhood in London.
Aaliyah, 26 – An architect living in a high-rise flat in Manchester city center.


This segment skews young, consisting primarily of artsy Gen Z in their teens to mid/ late 20s. Typically students or pursuing creative careers, they have modest incomes but strong passions.

Ajay, 20 – A film studies student at Goldsmiths in London who plays guitar for an indie band.
Phoebe, 24 – An aspiring painter and barista working at a funky coffee shop in Brighton.
Evelyn, 26 – An amateur painter and yoga instructor who splits her time between Brighton and Bristol.


Younger singles and couples without kids who live for the moment. Big spenders on fashion, nightlife, travel, sports, cars, events, and pop culture. Value new experiences, social status, and projecting a hip image.

Devin, 28 – A young professional working for a music startup in Shoreditch, London.
Aisha, 21 – A university student studying fashion and living in busy student housing in Manchester.
Sofia, 26 – An influencer and model who bounces between London, Manchester, and Leeds.


Down-to-earth teens and 20-somethings still living at home in the suburbs or smaller towns. Holding down entry-level jobs while saving up for college or to eventually move out on their own.

Jamal, 18 – Lives at home with his family in Reading, awaiting university to study law.
Amber, 22 – A sales associate at Boots pharmacy in her hometown of Swindon, with big dreams.


Passionate about social causes and politics. Vocal on social media and at protests for issues like climate justice, racial equity, LGBTQ rights.

Diego, 21 – A sociology major at the University of Manchester who interns on weekends for a local non-profit focused on diversifying the tech industry.
Gabby, 20 – An environmental science major at the University of Edinburgh who belongs to climate justice and zero waste groups on campus.


Passionately dedicated to niche interests like anime, gaming, sci-fi, cosplay, comics, music genres. Big spenders on merchandise, events, fandoms.

Leila, 17- A high school student in Manchester passionate about sci-fi, gaming, and cosplay.
Damien, 22 – A university student in Leeds obsessed with heavy metal music and culture.


Rejecting convention to live authentically. Driven by adventure, activism, self-discovery. Value experiences, wisdom, and social impact over materialism.

Luna, 21 – A hippie trust funder who sees the world as her playground.
River, 19 – A nomadic aspiring photographer and videographer from Bristol who lives in a converted Transit van.

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