Case study: the narrative tone of Brexit

We deployed Signoi to analyse of thousands of ‘reasons to vote the way I did’ in the 2016 UK EU Referendum. Signoi quickly identified 7 core narratives from the text alone. Group 3 emerged as strongly authoritarian and very anti-immigration. We called it ‘Get off my land’. Emotionally, it upweights on the language of fear and disgust. Archetypally, it is all about the Ruler: control. Unsurprisingly, this group was dominant amongst the Leave voters.

As well as understanding narrative, Signoi can be intersected with structured data, to segment audiences based on the language they use.

brexit illustration

Case study: dominant codes in the Health and Beauty category

An analysis of thousands of images drawn from the health and beauty category. Signoi found 12 emerging dominant semiotic energies. Again, we could also map the image dimensions and consequent clusters onto the Jungian narrative archetype framework: for example, Hero and Caregiver



We then deployed the methodology onto more complex advertising imagery from the fragrance category. Comparative analysis allows the emerging territories of communication to be mapped, showing commonalities and differences. A few outputs are shown below… again, we show the archetype analysis as one example of the universal frameworks that can be brought to bear. There are, of course, many more.

dior tonality


Case study: Automotive

We’re also working on a run of decoding car adverts. Here’s a sneak peek. The platform can easily identify codes of (examples clockwise from top right) Technology, Glamour, Family, Hyperrealism, and Adventure. We are feeding it more…

If you found these simple examples interesting, rest assured you’ve only just scratched the surface of what Signoi can do!

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