iconeThe power of Signoi lies in a series of new analytical modules and metrics that can be deployed in a flexible way.

Our ever expanding suite of analytic modules include:

  • Universal energies: the unchanging semiotic concepts that resonate with us.
  • Transitory expressions: the ever-evolving expression of ideas in the context of our lives.
  • Semiotic codes: the units of meaning that create category language.
  • Cultural codes: the symbolism and expression rules that define a cultural idea.
  • Explicit signals: the semiotic language of direct and unambiguous communication.
  • Implicit signifiers: the semiotic language of the subtle expression of attributes.
  • Archetypology: the composite persona or personality implied by codes.
  • Meaning-space: the conceptual relationships between ideas, visually displayed.

And all this is measurable.

There are numerous metrics than can be used on source material, including, but not limited to:

  • Signal strength: The ‘loudness’ of a specific message, code or concept.
  • Complexity: The total amount of meaning conveyed across all metrics.
  • Emotional signature: The detailed emotional content of an idea or concept.
  • Coherence: The consistency of signal across channels, time, touchpoints, etc.
  • Distinctiveness: The uniqueness and ownability of an idea (e.g. within category).
  • Tension: The presence of oppositional or conflicting concepts.
  • RDE diagnostics: The residual, dominant, emergent codes (old/tired, mainstream, new).
  • Predictivity: How well the presence of meaning predicts (e.g.) market success.

But don’t forget the human touch.

Our consultants help clients interpret the results from Signoi as a set of insights, interpretations and conclusions with an actionable overlay. Signoi’s proprietary systems process the bulk of the work and our strategic consultants are there to help draw out the implications (insight) and frame them within the wider cultural perspective, developing future strategy recommendations. Actionable human insights that add the all-important ‘what’s next’ foresight – the future-facing implications of the outputs.

Our consulting approach helps train your people to be insight and foresight consultants.

For anybody charged with the task of staying relevant, prominent and profitable, our methods reveal breakthrough insights and foresights that are ordinarily hidden from view, giving form to challenges and opportunities.

Perhaps you have a strategy project where cultural analytics could play a role? Decoding a category through to brand development and implementing a communications strategy is what our experts love to do.

Please get in touch. We’d be delighted to talk to you about brand development opportunities with Signoi.

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