iconeSignoi is a new platform for decoding cultural signals, at speed and scale, using quantitative semiotics and machine learning.

In a world saturated with numbers that tell us what consumers have already done or decided, there is currently no comparable approach that can work with the vast unstructured data that informs emergent decision making. That’s what we call cultural decoding, a new quantitative semiotic method.

analysing unstructured data with Signoi and quantitative semiotics machine learning

Cultural decoding is about understanding and creating meaning, for brands and communications. It’s time intensive, complex, and expensive, typically relying on large amounts of peoples’ time.

The Signoi platform solves this problem through a new form of quantitative semiotics, harnessing the power of automation and machine learning for brand development.

  • It can analyse the literal, metaphorical, and emotional content of a single advert through to many thousands of customer stories – vast amounts of text and imagery.
  • It can examine social media commentary in the same way.
  • And, it can deal with hard-to-measure visual metaphors.
  • Mapping data against universal semiotic energies.
  • Allowing communications themes and territories to be understood and developed at quantitative scale.

In sum, Signoi’s unique quantitative semiotics platform helps marketers and creatives:

  • Understand how people are talking, what they are talking about and why, and how things make them feel.

basic dasboard

  • Understand the visual language of communications, in a rigorous and objective way.

find cultural meaning with quantitative semiotics

Strategic advantages of a quantitative semiotic method and platform include:

  • Fast and robust analysis of the codes of a category, for better brand positioning
  • Quicker, deeper, different insights – innovation platforms, brand strategy, communications
  • Identifying and leveraging the most compelling narratives
  • Improving messaging and experience in context
  • Campaign and brand evaluation
  • Creative/media strategy
  • Better customer targeting
  • Improved tone of voice and consumer language
  • Strategic in-house consultancy for brand development

If you find these benefits interesting, rest assured you’ve only just scratched the surface of what Signoi can do!

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