iconeThe Signoi approach is fast and flexible, encompassing both standardised and bespoke analytics.

For simplicity, we categorise client analytics into four groups: your Home, your Neighbourhood, the Terrain, and the Weather – dependent on the scope and breadth of the need.


What you communicate and express about your organisation, product and service through words, images and sensory signifiers.

What we do

Objective evaluation of your total brand semiotic vernacular – evaluating what you are saying against what you believe you are saying.

What we deliver

A semiotic decode of your brand expressed as archetypes, universal energies and semiotic principles.

A set of insights and recommendations about which messages are strong, clear, weak, confused or absent.

Objective clarity on the perceived meaning of verbal and visual units of meaning.

What you can do with it

  • See your own brand through the eyes of your audiences, from outside the walls of your organisation.
  • Determine what you might be saying that is no longer relevant/potent, and what you are not saying that would be high value signification for your organisation.
  • Control, with greater efficiency, how you express your brand’s values and execute strategies to ensure commercial success.
  • Understand how people are talking, what they are talking about and why, and how things make them feel.
  • Understand the visual and textual language of communications, in a rigorous and objective way.


How you position yourself, and your products and services within your competitive context of words, images and sensory signifiers.

This space is where we determine how you relate, compete and differentiate from your competitors, and how you communicate to your immediate customers, suppliers, partners, staff, etc.

What we do

A semiotic decode of your immediate competitive set, expressed as archetypes, universal energies and semiotic principles.

Positioning reports that clearly articulate who you are and what you are saying within the context of your communication.

What we deliver

Detailed reports on the semiotic energies of your category and your competitive set. What you are actually communicating versus what your competitors are saying… where are the blind spots, where are the opportunities, what needs to be addressed or revised, what could be challenged to work harder, who are the challengers, who are the giants to be slayed, what are the common/mundane habits of the category and how can they be challenged with new strategic thinking.

What you can do with it

  • Greater objective insight into the world outside your home to better inform business strategy, brand planning, marcomms development and new product or service development.
  • Optimising your messages in the relevant semiotic language of the time, and asserting greater clarity over competitors with your communications.
  • Understanding the semiotic detail of your immediate competitive neighbourhood enables you to control the way you present yourself in order to stand apart and deliver a distinctive message from a defendable position.


The cultural landscape surrounding your organisation that deals with how you are perceived within the total cultural mix.

What people might interpret, believe and understand about you in relation to their world view.

What we do

Scan and decode the culturally situated dialogue around your sector and area of specialism or interest. This might be specific to you (i.e. dialogue about relevant products or services) or it might be fuzzy concepts of interest such as ‘comfort’ or ‘activity’ or ‘anxiety’.

Analyse the competitive set and the cultural discourse around your specialism, product or service.

Report on key themes of strategic significance.

Track the evolution of cultural status that affects what you say and how you say it.

What we deliver

Accurate decoding and statistical categorising of the implicit and explicit meanings and intentions with the reference material.

Cultural insight reporting on key themes of relevance that will have an influence over the semiotic language you deploy (words, images).

What you can do with it

  • Through a greater understanding the way the world feels about topics and concepts of interest to your organisation, you can ensure you convey a relevant and potent message in the most relevant and potent semiotic language. The insights gained from terrain analysis put you back in control of your brand as an agent within the cultural space.
  • You can exert important points of difference from businesses who are telling similar stories about competitive products, and tune your semiotics and messaging more empathically to the intended audience’s world-view.


The broad cultural atmosphere within which we each exist. This is the space where cultural shifts take place, whether cataclysmic (sudden change), seismic (large shifts that influence culture) or glacial (slow and steady evolution).

Whilst unrelated to any particular organisation, cultural weather affects you. Understanding the trajectory of change via cultural weather mapping provides vital foresight and aids your preparedness for change.

What we do

Signoi scans and decodes the broad atmosphere of general information that defines and describes the evolution of the cultural moment, at a local or global scale.

Over time, we map the transition, growth and decline of fuzzy ideas in culture that define the cultural moment for all of us.

We show how ideas and concepts begin as peripheral seeds, take root, become emergent in culture then dominate and eventually recede.

What we deliver

Ongoing analysis and trajectory mapping of the large cultural motions that affect the world, and therefore you, your customers, your suppliers, the economy, the political landscape, and beyond.

A live timeline of cultural shifts, mapped and tracked to show what is dominant, what is residual, and what lies ahead as new and emergent ideas that will shape perceptions and inform decision making in the future.

What you can do with it

  • Access rich ongoing contextual foresight of the cultural concepts that you need to understand and embrace to remain relevant, as they evolve.
  • Better interpret and understand your cultural terrain, your competitive neighbourhood and your brand home.
  • Anticipate the changes you need to make in advance as opposed in reaction.
  • Signoi Cultural Weather mapping enables you to anticipate the changes taking place and to undertake strategic planning to exploit them.

Strategic advantages of Signoi’s quantitative semiotic analytics platform include:

  • Fast and robust analysis of the codes of a category, for better brand positioning
  • Quicker, deeper, different insights – innovation platforms, brand strategy, communications
  • Identifying and leveraging the most compelling narratives
  • Improving messaging and experience in context
  • Campaign and brand evaluation
  • Creative/media strategy
  • Better customer targeting
  • Improved tone of voice and consumer language
  • Strategic in-house consultancy for brand development

If you find these benefits interesting, rest assured you’ve only just scratched the surface of what Signoi can do!

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