iconeThe Signoi approach is fast and flexible, across  standardised and bespoke analytics.

We conduct analytics projects across the full range of paid, owned, and earned data.

For simplicity, we categorise client analytics into four groups: your Home, your Neighbourhood, the Terrain, and the Weather – dependent on the scope and breadth of the need…


What you communicate and express about your organisation, product and service through words, images and brand signifiers, and what people say and feel in return.


How you position yourself, and your products and services within your competitive context of words, images and sensory signifiers.

How you relate, compete and differentiate from your competitors, and how you communicate to your immediate customers, suppliers, partners, staff, etc.


The cultural landscape surrounding your organisation that deals with how you are perceived within the total cultural mix.

What people might interpret, believe and understand about you in relation to their world view.


The broad cultural atmosphere within which we each exist. This is the space where cultural shifts take place, whether cataclysmic (sudden change), seismic (large shifts that influence culture) or glacial (slow and steady evolution).

Whilst unrelated to any particular organisation, cultural weather affects you. Understanding the trajectory of change via cultural weather mapping provides vital foresight and aids your preparedness for change.

Strategic advantages of Signoi’s quantitative semiotic analytics platform include:

  • Fast and robust analysis of the codes of a category, for better brand positioning
  • Quicker, deeper, different insights – innovation platforms, brand strategy, communications
  • Identifying and leveraging the most compelling narratives
  • Improving messaging and experience in context
  • Campaign and brand evaluation
  • Creative/media strategy
  • Better customer targeting
  • Improved tone of voice and consumer language
  • Strategic in-house consultancy for brand development

If you find these benefits interesting, rest assured you’ve only just scratched the surface of what Signoi can do!

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