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Video Analysis: decoding TikTok

January 14, 2023by The Signoi Team

We’ve been doing a lot of video analysis lately – primarily in the arena of commercial advertising.

By sampling frames sequentially at 0.5 second intervals you can extract an AI narrative analysis of the whole video. For example, here is a summary of the narrative of the 2022 John Lewis Christmas advert:

  • The opportunity is to tap into this rich vein of content to understand more about about your brand, or about your category, and find what semiotic codes are working best.
  • The challenge is to be able to analyse, monitor and make sense of all of this in a meaningful and consistent way.

And this is a particular challenge for TikTok. Here, unsurprisingly, and increasing number of clients are coming to Signoi with a need for a fast and reliable way to decode what’s going on in terms of visual language and how it may or may not speak to their brand. Equally, we have seen growth in wide-concept briefs such as ‘what’s the visual discourse for soft drinks’, or ‘how are concepts like healthiness expressed on TikTok’.

The TikTok Challenge

So what’s different about TikTok? We would identify 5 things you need to know. Here they are:

So overall, TikTok videos are very different from long form commercial output.


So when would you use TikTok analysis and why?

  • Category understanding – a powerful additional lens into the visual language of your sector.
  • Consumer understanding – finding out what implicit needs are represented by the videos people post – like a large scale projective technique.
  • Brand understanding – measuring what you are transmitting and what it likely means to the recipients.
  • Marketing effectiveness – determining what types of imagery and visual language generate most engagement.
  • Competitor understanding – compare, contrast, and act upon the visual DNA of any and all brands within your category.

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