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Affordable Analytics Offers from Signoi

July 14, 2020by Andrew Jeavons and Andy Dexter

We’ve been working hard on a number of options to help you dive into your rich unstructured data and make the most of your budget. In these COVID-19 days we know that every penny counts. We also know that you need innovative, insightful and unique analytical capabilities.

That’s why Signoi is now offering a range of affordable, completely automated analytics options.

Text Analysis – from £1,000 for up to 5,000 text items

If you have unexplored text data that could contain hidden insights then we can help.

Whether it’s NPS comments, tracking survey data, customer reviews, transcripts or social media postings, Signoi’s analytical platform can analyse any text and provide a comprehensive set of insights into the hidden themes at an affordable price.

We provide emotional analysis, sentiment analysis, key phrases, parts of speech breakdown and more for a flat price based on the number of records being analysed. An example of the type of dashboard that will be produced for your project is shown below.

Image/Instagram Post Analysis – up to 2,000 images/posts for £3,500

Instagram postings provide a rich vein of information about modern consumers. Instagram is rapidly becoming the dominant social media platform for a large segment of the consumer population. For researchers it is an amazingly rich source of information but the problem of analysing it in any significant volume with objectivity remains.

Our comprehensive image and text analytics provides objective, insightful and cost effective analysis of hundreds or even thousands of Instagram posts. What will you analyse?

You’ll notice that part of our automated image analysis framework delivers archetype metrics – the broad character of the image cluster. Al little more about this new approach below…

Automated Archetype Analysis (AAA) – a new and unique analytical technique available only from Signoi

Archetypes are universal symbols that provide a framework for understanding what people are saying about brands or what brands are communicating about themselves. The image below shows how some well-known brands compare based on our automated metrics.

AAA can work with images or text, and this is available for as little as £1,000 depending on the volumes of data and number of brands to be analysed.

Whatever your text or image analytical needs, Signoi can help.

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