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BBC: #Genderdiversity Successful women are role models not just for women, but to all…
But just don't expect me to be your role model.....

December 16, 2019by Clare Warren

Don’t make me responsible for the progress of other women.

Whenever a woman makes it to the top, it’s somehow hailed as an achievement unlike all others, which of course it is given the obstacles in her way. However, if you listen carefully to what women really say about business success and how they feel about it, the story may just surprise you.

Asked by the  BBC  to talk about Christine Lagarde’s appointment to president of the ECB and what this means to other women in business to see someone in such a high profile role, Signoi’s Exec Chair Dr Louise Beaumont revealed that senior women is a subject much discussed: in the last year alone there have been 250,000 news articles published and over 1.4 million comments made on social media. 

With regard to role models, three strong sub-themes emerge:

Be honest about what it takes to succeed- don’t gloss over the talent, hard work and support network required

Don’t expect me to emulate anyone just let me be myself – there are many ways to be successful, it’s not about being a carbon copy

Don’t make me be responsible for the progress of other women – selflessness should not be considered mandatory

Thank goodness for Signoi’s ability to divine insight from data!

Watch the full interview here.