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BBC Gender Pay Gap: Our Findings

Image of stereotyping writing to show the gender pay gap
November 14, 2019by Clare Warren

Yesterday, 1300 hrs

…..Err Louise….it’s the BBC!

What do you do when the BBC wants to talk gender pay gap with just a few hours notice and without setting off a ‘pay gap denier’ Twitter-storm?

You look to that great repository of thoughts and beliefs that is social media and you listen in a way that has only now been made possible through Signoi’s powerful new analytical platform.

Using Signoi’s semiotics-based, AI-powered technology, we uncovered compelling new insight and foresight into a topic that both divides and unites but refuses to go away, until it’s actually dealt with.

What did we do?

We analysed 60,000 social media comments from ordinary folk in the UK, the US and Australia to understand how they express their thoughts and opinions on the gender pay gap in their own words, in their own time.

In an afternoon we surfaced irrefutable insight that told us that, culturally, we’re moving from acquiescence to action.

Today, BBC studios, 05.30hrs

Talking exclusively with BBC Business Briefing we revealed some of the leading indicators that companies would be foolish to ignore.

Listen to Dr Louise Beaumont, co-founder of Signoi talk to the BBC about the Cultural Weather around the workplace as she explains why businesses are delusional if they think they can kick the can down the road for another 53 years….

What are you doing about #genderpaygap; #righttoknow?

We’ve seen the Zeitgeist but are you ready to take a deeper look at the Cultural Weather around your own workplace to understand whether your organisation is moving in the right direction, at the right pace?

Are you creating a more equal place to work, or are you tracking just the numbers, tone deaf to the changing narrative?

Do you have your finger on the pulse of the gender dynamics within your organisation. Or do you need Signoi to help you better understand the cultural discourse that is shaping generations?