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Understand Meaning: Our 4-step AMIT framework

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February 5, 2019by Andy Dexter

We are delighted to be working with Dr Martina Olbertova, strategist, semiotician and doctor of media studies, to reimagine how organisations make meaning in the digital age.

Martina is founder of Meaning.Global, and is signing up as a core part of our wider consulting team. So as well as building our platform, we’re strengthening our strategy and cultural foresight proposition and building the all-important Consulting & Advisory layer for clients.

The bottom line is we want to shake things up and transform how marketers view meaning.

Meaning is cognitively the core of any proposition or a strategy, that’s why it’s so important for clients to have meaning making and meaning management their priority. After all, any data is only as useful as the sense that comes out of it. Meaning is the real value of data. If you don’t have meaning, you don’t have anything…

Merging Two Sides of Meaning: Cognitive/Creative & Analytical/Process-Driven

Meaning is a complex discipline.

On one hand, it is deeply personal, human and natural for us to make meaning as that is how our minds are wired – we all are walking and talking meaning-making machines. This is why semiotics is so incredibly fascinating because it’s human.

On the other hand, brands and organisations, as well as policy makers are drowning in the data they collect and are surrounded by on a daily basis. Without the ability to make sense of these vast amounts of data, brand and business leaders are suffering from the analysis paralysis. In this psychological state, this is where inertia kicks in which further disables people to make healthy, productive and informed decisions that would help them optimise strategy for the future.

The Four Steps Towards Better Meaning Management

This is where we come in. Together, we’ve developed a simple 4-step AMIT framework to help you Analyse – Measure – Interpret – Transform Meaning. 

With all these four important bases covered, we are able to help you:

1. Analyse your existing data, as well as your environmental data (cultural, category, social etc.),

2. Measure your current meaning footprint across key cultural dimensions (some examples of these dimensions are the ‘Universal Energies’),

3. Interpret what this situation means for your brand/organisation/strategy, and

4. Transform your meaning via envisioning new strategies and narratives to actively change the cultural conversation and reach your business goals.

The A-M-I-T technique can help clients not only make sense of the Big Data and cultural complexity they operate in, but create more powerful and actionable narratives to help them take control of their future direction and discover new and previously unseen opportunities at speed and scale.

We believe that this combined proposition of big data analytics, interpretation and re-imagination can help organisations address complex business and cultural problems on the systemic level of meaning-making and strategise for best possible outcome. This way, we can envision better and more effective futures in business and society across cultures, disciplines and industries.

We are here to help brands, organisations, tech and start-ups, VC’s, NGOs and policy makers with a total approach to meaning management. Together, we can help you tackle complex meaning challenges to create a better future strategy and capitalise on change.

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