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Press Release: Signoi Goes Live

November 13, 2018by Andy Dexter

London, 13/11/2018

Today sees the formal launch of Signoi, a new UK-based venture aiming to bridge the scalability gap between human science and the exponential expansion of large-scale unstructured data. Signoi offers a new analytics, insight and foresight platform for decoding and measuring both implicit and explicit meaning from unstructured data at speed and scale, in a flexible and intuitively human way.

Signoi’s software engine offers a fast and powerful approach to understanding the constructs that govern human needs and behaviour, via new metrics that measure the strength of thematic content within complex data such as text and imagery.

The platform deploys neural networks, machine learning methods and advanced automated analytics. It runs on a series of entirely new proprietary analytical modules and algorithms, with foundations in semiotics, psychology and ethnography, to decode and quantify meaning.

Andy Dexter, co-founder of the business, said: “The guiding principle behind Signoi is to reveal implicit meanings, cultural energies, attitudes and feelings rather than finding things you need to tell it to look for. It uncovers natural structures and narratives within unstructured data, whether text or imagery or a combination of both. Our vision is towards revelation rather than search.”

Signoi can handle paid, owned, and earned data sources including, but not limited to: voice of the customer data, market research, NPS comments, branding and communications collateral, advertising, social media, cultural material, customer reviews, online communities, emails, news, websites, and more.

It then uses measures such as signal strength and complexity to identify and track the presence of specific meanings and universal cultural codes both in the moment and over time.

The executive team also includes Dr Louise Beaumont, chair; Andrew Jeavons, veteran of the software and data science industry; and Tim Spencer, semiotician and cultural strategist, along with advisor Stephen Cribbett, expert in digital marketing and founder of research software firm Further.

Andrew Jeavons commented: “It’s only very recently that the foundational technology has become available to even consider building something as complex and powerful as Signoi. I’m excited to be part of what I believe is an emergent revolution in analytics.”

The Signoi team is already working with a number of major brands, tech services firms, communications consultancies and research agencies. Established use cases include customer experience, brand positioning, segmentation, trends, category analysis, and communications development.

In the new year, they will launch a first subscription service, Cultural Weather, an ongoing automated analysis and trajectory mapping of the large scale cultural shifts that affect the world of brands and consumers.

Dr Louise Beaumont, executive chair, explained: “The Signoi launch is significant; this is not a mere point solution, this is a powerful new platform. Signoi is delivering both insight and foresight to some of the world’s biggest brands and technology companies across a broad range of sectors. With strong proof of concept, excellent client feedback and growing revenues, we are about to open our first funding round and scale the Signoi platform.”