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Signoi Semiotic Seminar: 18/09/18

July 25, 2018by Andy Dexter

We’re proud to launch our first Signoi Semiotics Seminar, happening in London on Tuesday 18th September 2018! Details and tickets are available on Eventbrite: Book your place here.

Why attend? Well, if you’re reading this, you’ll already know that semiotics is a vital and often overlooked component of the modern world of business. All organisations are defined by the semiotic codes they adopt, often unknowingly, and by the implicit language of the cultural space in which they exist.

Semiotics is the language of signs and signifiers that convey the meaning and intention behind the message. It is often stated that 90% of communication is non-verbal. Semiotics is the 90%. 

But relatively few people know what semiotics is and how it affects businesses and individuals – either positively or negatively. We live in a world that is drenched in visual and sensory communication, which is constantly evolving.

The Signoi Semiotics Seminar takes attendees through a day of stimulating thinking and intriguing challenges.

  • First we will reveal that you already understand and intuitively use semiotics. Everybody can release their inner semiotician, allowing you to see the world in an entirely new light.
  • Secondly, the workshop will provide you with the confidence to utilise semiotics commercially and make better decisions about how you communicate based on these new insights.
  • Thirdly, you will be taught the core skills of the semiotician, enabling you to leave the day armed with new tools for decoding and recoding communications.

The workshop day is stimulating, challenging, engaging and fun. It is not a day for passive absorption but for active participation. The outcome is a breakthrough in understanding semiotics, the important role it plays and the huge benefits that it can bring to marketing and business.

Our workshop is primarily aimed at business, marketing, brand, communications, design and insight professionals. Perhaps you are intrigued by the idea of semiotics but aren’t really sure what it is or how to deploy it.  Perhaps you want to add to your armory of cultural understanding. Perhaps you’re interested in new ways to see the world and inspire ideas. That’s what we’re here for.

Would you like to come to the Signoi Semiotics Seminar? Details and tickets are available on Eventbrite: Book your place here.

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Tim is Creative Director at Signoi. He has 25 years’ experience in brand communication and commercial semiotics, and is an expert in using semiotics and cultural analysis for brand positioning, communication and creative development. Tim believes semiotics should be seen not a secret art, but as a fascinating and useful discipline that can be made accessible for all.