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Breakthrough Workshops

June 22, 2018by Andy Dexter

Last year Signoi introduced our Semiotics Breakthrough training workshop, offered to companies whose teams would benefit from greater knowledge of how to commission, manage and even conduct their cultural insight and semiotics in-house. Our Breakthrough workshop provides a day of enjoyable and interactive training to switch on your untapped semiotic decoding capabilities and work more effectively with semiotic and cultural methods.

The workshops have been very successfully received and we have had the immense pleasure of running workshops with some excellent brand consultancies and brand teams, unleashing the inner semiotician in a broad cross-section of people tasked with the job of fuelling and steering brand progression whilst maintaining relevance to the customers’ cultural landscape.

Whether you wish to inspire semiotic ability in-house, or simply want to have a greater grasp on the power of commercial semiotics to help you work with consultants more confidently, this workshop is for you.

The workshop starts at ground level and ensures firstly that everyone in the room is struck by the realisation that they’ve already been performing semiotic decoding for their entire lives.

Once the basic principles of semiotics are understood, we look at the effects of semiotics on our perceptions with some everyday examples that allow you to see the world through the eyes of a practising semiotician.

Then we will demystify the process of semiotics in order to understand the techniques, the application of semiotic analysis, and what the outcomes are, by working through a ‘menagerie of semiotic codes’. Working collaboratively on each code type, participants will quickly gain confidence in semiotic techniques; how to identify and define codes; and which combination of code types will be useful to any given project situation.

The Menagerie of semiotic codes and processes

What can you expect from a one day Breakthrough workshop?

  1. A refreshing break from the stultifying conventions of corporate up-skilling workshops. You will be challenged and inspired, and it will be fun and surprising.
  2. A toolkit of decoding techniques, and an introduction to the various types of codes that are useful in semiotic analysis, and how they add up to a broad but detailed awareness of your audience’s cultural landscape.
  3. The ability to grasp and confidently deploy semiotic decoding techniques in your work, or to brief and review semiotic analysis.
  4. The effortless ease of decoding your brand’s landscape in order to swiftly gain essential insights about category and cultural changes that will affect a brand, but which can also be advantageously harnessed by a brand.
  5. The ability to distinguish between the constant underlying energies of consumer culture and the ever-changing expressions of those energies that define the past, the present and the future.

We are currently taking bookings for July and beyond, so if you would like to know more about the workshop please get in touch – we’d be happy to tell you more about what to expect and what you will achieve – or alternatively register your interest for the future by email and we’ll keep you informed of our workshop availability.

Tim Spencer


Our team and our clients were captivated and inspired by Tims Semiotics Breakthrough workshop. Tim is able to effortlessly articulate very complex ideas succinctly and turn them into tangible processes and ways of working that made us all feel like we can start applying semiotic thinking to our work every day. Our clients were engaged and it opened their eyes to further commercial opportunities by enabling them to look at their brand in ways they had not considered before

CEO, global research and insight consultancy

Giving a workshop to a team of people who spend their lives in workshops is never easy, but Tims perspective on semiotics captured the imagination of our strategy team. His content was fresh and entertaining, whilst he frequently drew clear conclusions for the group to take away. After just one session, he gave us a new angle from which to approach our work on brand strategy and several tools to apply this ourselves

Strategy director, change strategy consultancy 

A workshop with Tim was a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable way to spend the teams time. We will happily recommend him to our clients in the future especially those who no longer notice the sea of sameness in their category…”

Board director, market research consultancy