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Getting The Most From Your Net Promotor Scores (NPS)

Busy airport to show how NPS scores generate lots of information
February 24, 2018by Andy Dexter

Signoi’s been starting to get out and about over the last few weeks. OK, we haven’t strictly launched, but we’re running development work already with agency and end client test partners.

Some of the first use cases have landed around NPS and C-Sat. This might be the simplest possible deployment of the product – but NPS is everywhere.

We obviously can’t share the clients, but what I can tell you is that we’ve developed a really nice methodology for intersecting NPS with fundamental narrative dimensions embedded in thousands of customer comments.

It’s the numbers game that’s important. This particular client has accumulated a vast wealth and scale of qualitative data via their NPS study, and continues to accumulate it at the rate of about 500,000 comments per year.

That’s a lot of words – over 10 million of them, annually – about the experiences people have, and how it makes them feel about the client and their competition. It represents a potentially huge strategic asset: but in human terms, it is practically impossible to summarise, code, and analyse.

As a thought experiment, imagine a coder working at a rate of 2 comments per minute, building a multi-factor code frame as they go. It would take at least a year. And that’s just data preparation before any analysis takes place… 

However, deploying the Signoi machine learning system allows our experts to iterate, experiment, make sense of the themes and develop interactive dashboards and an insight deck within a few weeks.

This will allow client X to extract significant value from a new strategic data asset fast, on a monthly basis – and will surface insights that have hitherto been inaccessible.

See below for how well some of the basic Signoi outputs intersect with NPS.

First, you can see the emotional spectrum is very different for endorsers versus detractors.

Second, its obvious that some topics are highly related to positive and negative NPS – and client can quickly drill into these to identify the drivers and issues.

Third, by intersecting NPS and emotion, we see that some topics may be associated with negative NPS, but are not necessarily causing anger, sadness, or any other negative emotion. This helps management focus on the things that really make a difference.

Sometimes the best solutions are simple. Deploying Signoi on NPS data solves a real problem – fast and cost effectively – and elevates the vehicle to better actionability.

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