Signoi creates smart technology solutions for decoding cultural signals in an intuitively human way.

We use machine intelligence and automated analytics to declutter and extract implicit meaning from natural language, social media, and advertising, brand and comms imagery.

Our methods create meaning from muddle and signal from noise – at speed and scale.

The Signoi engine runs on proprietary mathematical witchcraft, delivering an entirely new form of quantitative semiotics. It’s faster, better, cheaper – and objectively rigorous.

We’re launching soon, and we’re very excited about that!

Meanwhile, please do contact us if you’d like to know more. We’d love to hear from you.


andybw1Andy Dexter, CEO 
Serial entrepreneur, ideas person, and senior advisor in the world of marketing, insight and strategy. 20 years’ experience, founder of multiple award winning agencies, and a well known innovator in the research and insight sector. Andy is a fellow of the MRS and of the RSA, and is also founder of the Culturise Collaboration.

stephenbw1Stephen Cribbett, CTO
 Entrepreneur, technologist, and founder of Dub, a tech firm specialising in online communities. A brand strategy, human insight and marketing consultant with over 20 years’ experience advising brands.


andrewbw1Andrew Jeavons, Director of Analytics
 Software developer and specialist in hard sums, advanced text analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Many years leadership of insight tech companies globally. Well known and award-winning speaker, thinker and blogger.

timbw1Tim Spencer, Creative Director
 Cultural strategist, solving complex problems for brands since the 90’s, using semiotics and other tools to anchor brands in human reality. Developing the cultural and structural analysis methodologies behind Signoi.