Signoi is a tech start-up developing a new analytics-driven insight and foresight platform for decoding both implicit and explicit meaning from unstructured data in an intuitively human way.

To do this, Signoi deploys neural nets, machine learning methods and advanced automated analytics. It can handle paid, owned, and earned data sources including, but not limited to: voice of the customer data, market research, branding and communications material, advertising, social media, net promoter score comments, cultural material, feedback forms, visuals, online communities, emails, and more.

Signoi’s unique platform brings meaning from muddle and signal from noise – at speed and scale.

It’s built on new metrics designed to bridge the gap between big data and human instinct. Signoi delivers revelation, not search – a new form of quantitative semiotics.

We work with brands, agencies and tech services businesses alike.

Companies that work with Signoi gain new insight and foresight from paid, owned, and earned data assets. Signoi’s unique form of decoding delivers incisive, actionable and easy-to-measure outputs. Best of all, insight and foresight is found at a fraction of the time and cost of more traditional analytical approaches, freeing up human analysts to focus on adding real value.

Signoi’s platform helps clients quickly cut through the cloud of data and focus on what signals are truly important for your brand or category. What’s growing and emergent? What are the natural meaning structures and codes within a category? How do we track their evolution and use them for commercial advantage? How are people talking, what are they talking about, and why? How does brand imagery or a campaign make them feel? And there is much, much more.

Please have a look around, and feel free contact us if you’d like to know more. We’d love to hear from you. Why not start a conversation?

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