Effortless Insight from Unstructured Data

Signoi intelligently cuts through the noise of any and all unstructured data - whether text or images - automatically identifying the patterns of meaning that help you tell better stories and make better decisions.

How We Work

The Signoi team is running analysis and delivering insight as a service to agencies and brands while we build to SaaS. Talk to us about your brief, and we’ll scope your project with you.

1.Send us your data, or we source it from the public arena (e.g. social, newsflow)

2.We run the data through our automated analytics platform and let the clever stuff happen

3.Once it’s done, we’ll create your bespoke dashboards and reports and guide you through your insights

A project can take just a few days from start to finish, no matter how large the dataset

Use Cases

Customer Comments

  • We have been working with Signoi to explore the emotional landscape of home services in general but also our own customer experience in particular. The Signoi platform provides a light-touch client experience as far as setting the project up is concerned - with none of the time and effort you might expect with analysing 500,000+ unstructured datapoints from different sources. But what really blew us away is the output. The amount of actionable insights will keep us busy for some time to come.

    Mario Streng, Senior Manager Brand Proposition and Market Insights , British Gas
  • At MESH we are constantly looking to push the boundaries of insight with agile new metrics and techniques to measure the experiences that matter. With Signoi we can get even more insight out of our Real-time Experience Tracking. The AI-driven semiotics is very powerful, and this qual-at-scale solution has been hugely beneficial for clients in sectors such as financial services, electronics, and leisure.

    Fiona Blades, President, MESH Experience, USA
  • The Signoi platform is unique. It enables us to find meaning in unstructured data in ways not before possible and the thinking behind the analytical modules the Signoi team have built into the AI is outstanding. Opening up new metrics and helping us unearth new and surprising insight. We have already used the platform to deconstruct broad concepts such as courage in Australia today, and are applying it now across a variety of clients’ marketing challenges like NPS optimisation and category understanding.

    Paul Labagnara, Co-Founder at the Lab Strategy, Australia
  • At Differentology, we work at the intersection of data, technology, human behaviour and creativity. Our partnership with Signoi ticks all of these boxes, but importantly provides us with fascinating new insights that are actionable, helping us to uncover the human side of our client’s brands.

    Mark James, CEO, Differentology, UK

In a hurry? Want to know more?

We can call you back at a convenient time to you.

For Agencies

Agencies that use the Signoi service tell us they excite and delight their clients by delivering new and cost-effective insight.

For Brands

Brands that use the Signoi service tell us they gain better insight and foresight, and make better decisions at faster pace and a lower price point


Signoi is a breakthrough technology firm transforming the way forward-thinking brands and agencies uncover and measure meaning from huge volumes of unstructured data, both text and imagery, at speed and scale.

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